There is no denying that keeping the body hydrated is very important for health. But most people don’t know that drinking lukewarm water can provide exclusive benefits for your body and skin. Even medical experts say that water is best served when drunk warm, and the perfect temperature is between 48 °C to 60 °C. Given the amount of money we spend on beauty treatments, we undervalue something as simple as drinking water the right way.

We Bright Side decided to find out in more detail how drinking warm water can affect your skin.

1. Clean the skin.

Warm water can help detoxify your body. Because drinking warm water raises your body temperature, you sweat. This can help flush out toxins and make it easier for the digestive organs to get rid of waste. Cleansing your body from the inside also helps treat acne problems and makes your skin healthy and radiant.

2. Prevent premature aging.

Apart from causing acne, toxins also make your skin age faster and cause dark circles and bags under your eyes to appear. Drinking warm water helps repair skin cells damaged by harmful free radicals and makes your skin look smoother and supple.

3. Prevents itching of the scalp.

Warm water keeps your scalp moisturized, which prevents you from developing dandruff. When your scalp is healthy and moisturized, your hair will be shiny, elastic, and soft. As a bonus, water activates the nerve endings in your hair roots, which promotes new hair growth.

4. Brighten the skin.

Drinking warm water regularly helps your body break down fat stores, relaxes muscles, and improves blood flow. Increased blood circulation can rejuvenate skin cells and keep them nourished. It facilitates the supply of oxygen to the active skin cells and removes the remnants of dirt, and refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

5. Help get the maximum benefit of skincare products.

Drinking warm water is the easiest way to quickly activate your metabolism, which in turn will help your skin to benefit from all the creams and moisturizers you apply. Having stomach problems can prevent you from getting enough vitamins and nutrients from food, making your skin look unhealthy and making existing skin problems worse. Drinking warm water can nourish your gut and help your skin get all the nutrients it needs to keep you looking younger for longer.

6. Hydrates your skin.

No matter how expensive your moisturizer is, if you don’t drink enough, it will never keep your skin wrinkle-free. Something as simple as drinking warm water every day can help even out skin tone, treat panda eyes, and tighten skin.

7. Protects the skin from infection.

Drinking a glass of warm water helps your kidneys fight inflammation. When your internal organs are clean, your skin becomes less susceptible to infection.

Do you usually drink cold or warm water?