Since the first, cases of theft and robbery have often occurred. Nowadays it is not uncommon for us to hear or read news about theft. An example is an incident that recently happened. Six youths in Tasikmalaya were arrested by officers for stealing a tractor on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Reporting from, the six perpetrators, including one of them who was underage, were secured by the Satreskrim of the Tasikmalaya Police. This action has been carried out in several places. Using the equipment they brought. The perpetrators carried out their theft in a planned manner and transported the stolen goods using a minibus. They sell the stolen goods for Rp. 1.5 million to Rp. 3 million.

This case is just one example of many cases of theft that occurred

It can also be seen that the perpetrators of similar incidents are not only adults but also minors. Of course, many reasons and causes make people do these actions. If we discuss the incidence of theft in general, one of the causes which are probably the most common cause is the urgent need for life. Income that is less or no income at all can make someone commit theft to meet their living expenses. Second, it can also happen because of a person’s desire to have more.

Not only people with less economic status but theft can also be carried out by people who are actually well off or even by someone who has authority. In addition to these two things, other causes may not come from the wishes of the perpetrator himself. For example, there was a child who was kidnapped and then forced to steal. He had no choice and could only follow what he was told. It could also be because the person has certain psychological conditions. Some people are involved in similar actions because they are invited/joined by friends (wrong association). If the perpetrator of a theft case did the action because he was invited by a friend, it means that this includes imperfect socialization.

Then, does this include deviant behavior?

If we take the example of the incident above, this can be categorized as deviant behavior. The action was carried out by people who did have a desire to steal. So that there was indeed a bad moral from within the perpetrator. Of course, we can all agree that theft is not by the values and norms prevailing in society, and even violates legal norms. This means that the sanctions that can be given to perpetrators are not only limited to ridicule or reprimand.

Judging from its nature, these deviations can be categorized as negative deviations, because the incident will certainly be viewed badly by the community. Not only people’s views, but other consequences such as loss of property, fear, or public discomfort can also occur because of these actions.

What can be done?

Many things and efforts can be done to reduce similar incidents. People – closest people such as family, teachers, and others. Can make preventive prevention efforts by providing guidance or socialization on this matter. At least this effort can provide knowledge and also awareness for the community. that the act of theft is something that violates the norms of society and also violates the law.

In addition to prevention, repressive efforts also need to be given to perpetrators and violators. Perpetrators and people involved in such actions can be penalized in the hope that they will not commit and repeat the same mistakes. Sanctions that can be given to violators of the law as in the example above are imprisonment and/or fines. Besides that, social activities, such as cleaning the environment, sweeping the streets, and so on. Not infrequently the perpetrators will also receive ridicule and also reprimands, both from the general public and those closest to them.