The Right Way of Meditation That Can Be Done Anywhere

Living in a congested city, working hard to earn an income, can sometimes make you unbearable stress. If stress makes you anxious, tense, and easily worried, you should likely try meditation for inner calm and peace. To get maximum results, it helps you understand the correct way of meditation.

The correct way of meditation

Everyone can do meditation. This movement is straightforward, modest, and requires no devices. No matter where you are, whether it’s on the road, on the bus, or in the middle of an important office meeting, meditation can be done.
Meditation is one way to relieve stress that is considered effective. Not surprisingly, many people believe and can feel the benefits of meditation to relieve stress. During meditation, you focus your mind and remove bad thoughts from your mind. Here are the means you can take:

1. Choose a quiet place

The place is an important element in meditation. You can use a quiet room or room to start this meditation. If possible, there are no electronic devices in the room.
You also need to turn off the smartphone device to eliminate distractions. Try asking people who live with you to not bother you for a while. To add to the calm, install aromatherapy in the room.

2. Choose the most comfortable meditation position

Meditation can be done while sitting, either on a chair or on a surface such as a floor. In essence, you must determine the most comfortable position to relax, but not too relaxed. This meditation technique will certainly make the body more comfortable.
Posture when doing sitting and meditating is very important. Your back should not be bent. Uphold to stay focused and not sleepy. With a comfortable position and an upright back, your body will get used to doing meditation for a long time.

3. Close your eyes

Gently closing your eyes is one of the keys to getting the best meditation. Closing your eyes also makes you limit yourself from things that can interfere with concentration. This step can also relax all the muscles in your face. At this stage, the main focus is on relaxing every part of the body.

4. Focus on breathing

Breathing is a way to relieve tension. This method will make the heart work to be stable. Later this will also affect the flow of blood throughout the body.
If there is a part of your body that hurts, try to focus your mind on that part. Hold your breath again while counting.

5. Clear your mind

This is the stage of meditation that may be difficult to try. Clearing the mind is not an easy thing that can be learned in just one night. You truly need to rehash it once more.
The essence of this stage is to find “solitude” within. If you find it difficult to get all the thoughts out of your head, don’t push yourself. People who are experts in meditation sometimes can still be distracted by thoughts that appear suddenly during meditation.

6. Do meditation regularly

After you have done the above steps, the next step is to make this activity a routine. Closing your eyes is the “gateway” to the best meditation possible by letting go of the thoughts that come into your mind. Do not give up even if there are thoughts that suddenly appear during meditation.
Doing meditation regularly will make the mind calm. You are also easier to get rid of negative thoughts from within. The benefits of meditation that can be obtained will be felt directly in everyday life.

Various kinds of meditation can be tried

In the world of meditation, there are many ways you can do to get maximum calm and peace. Knowing examples of meditation can help you choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

1. Loving-kindness meditation

This meditation, also known as “Metta”, aims to cultivate an attitude of love and kindness towards everything, including someone you don’t like and a source of stress. The method is almost the same as meditation in general. While breathing deeply, you open your mind to receive love.
In your mind, send love for everything, until you feel the love you are sending. This meditation is done to increase feelings of compassion and love for others and of course, yourself.

2. Body scan meditation

This meditation, commonly known as “ body scan meditation,” is meant to find the source of stress within you and release it. Usually, this meditation starts from the toes, all the way to the head.
This meditation requires the practitioner to tense and relax the muscles. In addition, they can also describe “waves” in the mind, to release tension. This meditation not only relieves stress but also helps relieve pain in the body.

3. Zen meditation

Zen meditation is also called Zazen. This is a form of meditation that requires teacher training so that you can practice and master it. The goal is to find the best position and posture, focus on breathing, and clear prejudice, about what you are thinking.

4. Kundalini

Meditation is the form of yoga movements that unites body movements with breathing techniques. Usually, this medication should be practiced by the teacher in the classroom. The benefits are also many, such as increasing physical strength, reducing pain in the body, supporting mental health, and preventing anxiety and depression.
Most types of meditation can be done at home without complicated equipment. If there is a will to learn and do it, meditation can become a beneficial habit.
More than that, meditation can also make someone “addicted”, if a sense of calm and peace is felt.

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