Signs of a Gadget Addiction in Children and Effective Ways to Overcome Them

Nowadays, the use of smartphones seems to have become a basic need for almost everyone. Devices or gadgets are also often used as a parent’s ultimate weapon so that the little one does not fuss. However, do not go too far because this condition can make children addicted to gadgets.

Gadget addiction in children can trigger emotional disorders. Therefore, parents need to recognize the signs and take the prevention of this condition early on, before their little one’s addiction gets worse.

What is a gadget?

Before finding out the signs and effective ways to deal with a child addicted to gadgets, parents need to know what a gadget is.
Quoted from the Central Java Provincial Language Center, gadgets or gadgets are tools or tools used to support work. In addition, gadgets can also be interpreted as tools or tools that support work and communication.

Signs of a child addicted to gadgets

The use of gadgets does not always have a bad impact. Like two sides of a coin, gadgets such as smartphones can provide benefits because educational content is easily accessible, but it can also have a negative impact if children access a lot of content that is not age-appropriate.
Parents need to know the characteristics of children addicted to gadgets. That way, you can find a solution quickly if your little one is addicted to his electronics.
In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that gadget addiction is a mental health disorder. Here are the characteristics of gadget addiction that you need to be aware of:

  • Inability to control his desire to play gadgets
  • Sleep patterns and sleep quality have been disrupted due to playing gadgets
  • Being displeased with physical activity or sports
  • The number of social interactions with the surrounding environment decreases
  • Not concentrating in school or reluctant to do homework
  • Secretly bring gadgets into the room at night
  • Lying about the time spent playing gadgets
  • Using his spare time to play with gadgets
  • Often argues with family members regarding the use of gadgets.

Even so, not all children who experience similar symptoms are addicted. Because this condition is a disease, it requires a definite diagnosis from a doctor to confirm it.

How to deal with a child addicted to gadgets

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The dangers of gadget addiction can cause physical and mental problems in children. Spending too much time using gadgets triggers children to be overweight, impaired vision, to seizures.
In addition, the impact of other gadget addictions, namely the slow cognitive development of children, likes to be alone, more irritable, and lack of attention focus. These various things can certainly affect children’s achievement in school.
To avoid this problem, here’s how to deal with a child addicted to gadgets.

1. Be a good example for children

One way to overcome gadget addiction in children that parents can do is to be a good role model for children at home.
Children learn by imitating their parents. So, if you don’t want your child to play with cellphones or other devices to become addicted, then you also need to show the same thing.
From now on, try to avoid playing with gadgets when you are hanging out with children.

2. Limit the time you use gadgets

How to deal with children addicted to cellphones or other gadgets that are quite effective is to limit the time they use gadgets.
You certainly need to be firm to limit children playing gadgets. Give a maximum time limit, which is two hours every day. The longer the playtime, the greater the risk of children accessing negative content.
Avoid giving full gadgets to children. Train children to ask permission first and return it properly after use.

3. Do not let children play with gadgets without supervision

When children use gadgets, you need to supervise them and don’t just leave them alone. Watching also doesn’t mean being around him all the time.
You can use software or applications to filter or block sites that contain content that is not suitable for children, such as pornography and violence.
You can also monitor the sites visited by your child by viewing the history of the sites opened and activating the filter application.

4. Set a gadget-free region

One way to overcome gadget addiction in teenagers that can be done is to create a gadget-free area at home.
Apply the area and provide understanding to the child and other family members. Make a ban on its use in certain places, for example at the dining table, car, and bedroom.
This method of prohibiting children from playing with gadgets can also help children to understand boundaries so that they are not constantly busy with their gadgets.

5. Teach children to restrain themselves

Gadget addiction in early childhood can be overcome by teaching it to be able to hold back.
You also need to provide support when your child learns to restrain himself from playing with gadgets. When they can do it, don’t forget to give appreciation in the form of praise or other rewards.
This method so that children are not addicted to gadgets is considered effective in preventing their dependence on cellphones or other favorite gadgets.

6. Invite children to socialize with the surrounding environment

One of the negative impacts of using gadgets is the decline in children’s social interaction with the surrounding environment.
So that children are not addicted to gadgets, you can try inviting children in the neighborhood to visit your house and play with your little one.
Or conversely, invite the child to visit the house of relatives who have children his age. This will also give them more access to socializing with their surroundings.

7. Provide interesting activities as a substitute for playing with gadgets

When children mostly play with cellphones or other devices, it could be that they lack fun activities at home or in their environment.
Therefore, you can invite children to do other interesting activities so that their minds are distracted from gadgets.
You can register your child to take dance lessons, swimming, music classes, or other interesting activities that match their interests and talents.
How to get rid of cellphone addiction in children is believed to be able to make him start leaving gadgets and spending his time with more positive activities.

8. Reduce the number of gadgets in the house

Quoted from Parenting First Cry, one way to overcome addiction to cellphones or other devices in children is to reduce the number of gadgets in the house.
With the lack of gadgets at home, children can likely find other activities to fill their spare time.
If there are already a lot of gadgets in your home, try storing them in places that cannot be seen or reached by children.

9. Spend more time with your kids

As a parent, try to try to spend more time with your child.
This strategy may sound simple, but several studies have shown that children who have a lot of alone time tend to play with gadgets more often.
Therefore, try to spend more time with your child. Try to find free time so you can accompany your little one to play or do other activities.
If the tips on preventing children from being addicted to gadgets above have been done but do not have a positive impact, your child could potentially experience anxiety and depression.
This indicates that you should take your child to consult a doctor or psychologist. That way, you can get the best recommendations for dealing with anxiety and addiction that occurs due to gadgets.

Various dangers of gadget addiction in children

When children are addicted to cell phones (HP) or other gadgets, several side effects can have an impact on the child’s physical and mental health.
Here are the various dangers of gadget addiction in children that are important for parents to understand:

Delayed physical development

Quoted from Parenting First Cry, the lack of physical activity due to a child addicted to cell phones can delay their physical development.

In childhood, it is more advisable for your child to play outdoors with peers or play with physical toys rather than staring at his gadget screen for hours.

What’s more, the risk of obesity can increase if children play with gadgets too often without physical activity.
Therefore, you should be wary if a 2-year-old child is addicted to gadgets and does not want to play outside the house.

Disrupted social relations

When children and their gadgets cannot be separated, social relations with friends or even family can be disrupted. If this continues, children can have difficulty socializing as adults.

Decreased academic performance

The more gadgets a child uses, the greater the addiction that can be felt.
When children are addicted to cell phones and various other devices, their little ones can have difficulty focusing on their studies.
Not only that but gadget addiction is also believed to reduce a child’s overall attention span, making it difficult for them to focus on school.

Disruption of eye health

Gadget addiction is a common cause of eye problems in children. Excessive use of gadgets has the risk of causing dry eyes to eye infections.
Blue light ( blue light ) that emanates from gadget screens is also considered to prevent the release of the hormone melatonin which can help children sleep.
So, don’t be surprised when your child can find it difficult to sleep when he is addicted to gadgets.

Causes back and neck pain

Infatuation with gadgets is also believed to cause back and neck pain in children, especially if they do not maintain good posture.
Be careful, neck and back pain at an early age is believed to have an impact on a child’s posture in the future.

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