The pandemic has brought us to a very uncertain situation. Situations full of uncertainty due to the current pandemic often disturb people’s mental health. Just imagine, for the past 2 years, we have had to adapt to a new way of life by implementing health protocols and limiting ourselves from unnecessary social activities with one goal, taking care of each other.

Even so, the pandemic also has another side of its own. This pandemic has succeeded in opening our eyes to be more aware of our health. We, I am more precise, so we are more diligent in exercising, taking vitamins, and maintaining a healthy diet to increase our immunity so we don’t get sick easily. I also realized that health is expensive. Health is a very valuable sustenance today.
Not only physical, but mental health is also very important now that we are experiencing major changes, are required to always be adaptive, and undergo new patterns that we may never have imagined before. So, for me, who often spends a lot of time lying down, I’m slowly joining activities or workshops on mental health lately. The goal, especially if not for us to stay sane during the pandemic.

1. Self-exploration

Home is the place we use the most to do activities during this pandemic. What’s more, the existence of restrictions on social activities makes us spend more time at home. Feelings of saturation and excessive fatigue because of these limitations must often come to us.

But let’s look at the positive side. We have more time to explore ourselves. You can start by doing things you love or trying something new, such as trying to cook your favourite menus, trying viral food recipes on Tiktok, farming, and much more.

This pandemic has made me addicted to drakor and do you know what I’m doing? I took Korean lessons and started another blog specifically containing reviews of shows I’ve enjoyed to hone my reviewing and writing skills. By focusing a lot on yourself like this, stress levels can be controlled so that our mental health is maintained. If the child says now, still sane.

2. Listening to the song

That’s what the main character said in a drama I’ve ever watched. Songs or music are mood boosters. Listening to songs can be one way to build the mood while on the move.
One psychologist, Emmeline Edwards even revealed that our auditory system is directly connected to the motor system, the centre of motivation, and emotional control. Several studies have also shown that music can help a person reduce stress, anxiety, and mild depression.

3. Social media positively

Social media is like two swords. In this time of the pandemic, the blade of social media is even sharper. Amid a pandemic like now, social media has become an escape for many people to get rid of boredom. However, sometimes social media can be one of the causes of our stress levels increasing with massive news about COVID-19, regardless of whether the news is fact or just a hoax.

WHO itself even advises us not to access too much news about the pandemic, because it can make us more stressed with the situation. So, it’s good for us to make social media a means of entertainment. You can access the things you love like watching funny videos, movies, cooking tutorials, etc. Watching entertaining content can elevate your mood in daily life. For myself, now social media is a place to find drama spoilers. I also avoid debates or controversial things on social media so as not to add to the mental burden during this pandemic.

There are many unpredictable risks during this pandemic, be it financial, health, or whatever. To make our hearts and minds calm, it is ideal that we minimize that risk or already have preventive measures if one day we meet a situation that makes us have to compromise with all the risks that are in front of our eyes.

One of the things that can be done to deal with the risks that occur is to have insurance. Having insurance is like having a protective umbrella to face personal and financial risks in the future. One of the most trusted and applicable insurances during this pandemic, FWD. Moreover, FWD has a digital platform for its customers which is perfect for this pandemic situation.

4. Stay in contact with loved ones

The limited space for social movement due to the pandemic has resulted in us not being able to meet face-to-face with our family and friends. Fortunately, technology is acting as a saviour at this time. We who live in this modern era make it possible to keep in touch virtually through voice calls, video calls/conferences, etc. By interacting virtually, we can still stay in touch without having to leave the house and maintain our mental health, because you won’t feel like you’re going through all this alone.

5. Maintain financial health with outpatient insurance

Pandemic is not always bad if we can see it from a different side. The pandemic has taught us valuable lessons so we can manage our finances better. We can start by making a simple financial plan that can be used as a guide every time we receive a salary or other source of income. Don’t forget to allocate some of the income we get for emergency funds, insurance and investment.

The situation is indeed uncertain, but we must still prepare funds for the financial goals we dream of in the future, right? A healthy financial condition makes us live comfortably and your mental health condition is maintained.

The simple habits above may be able to help maintain your mental health amid a pandemic. Anything else you might want to add?

Stay safe and follow the health protocols, okay? If we don’t take care of our own physical and mental health, who else?