Rabbits are animals that are kept by humans because they have an adorable physical appearance. In maintaining it, it turns out that many benefits can be obtained, What are the benefits of keeping the rabbit?

Keeping pets has many benefits for the keeper.

Likewise with caring for rabbits.

Stroking their fur or watching them jump can certainly provide their pleasure.

Rabbits are one of the animals that are widely chosen as pets because they have a cute appearance.

In addition, getting it is easy because there are many rabbit breeders around us.

In addition, raising rabbits also brings benefits to our lives, lo.

This time, Indonesia has summarized some of the benefits of raising rabbits that are felt by many people.

Come on, see the explanation below!

7 Benefits of Raising Rabbits for Living Creatures

1. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

The first benefit of keeping a rabbit is that it can reduce stress. Launching from, a study showed that keeping rabbits could reduce the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease.

The study found that people who kept rabbits had a lower risk of dying from heart disease and stroke.

2. Practice Discipline

  • Keeping animals including rabbits at home requires us to be disciplined.
  • The reason is, we have to set a feeding schedule, cleaning schedule, and so on.
  • Of course, we should not ignore or underestimate these activities, yes.
  • If neglected, it can be bad for the rabbit and even the owner.

3. Attract the opposite sex

Research led by animal researcher June Nichols found that women tend to be more attracted to men who have pets.

As a result, 90 percent of single women who took part in the survey also thought that men who raised animals such as rabbits tended to be kinder and more affectionate.

4. Helping Children with Autism

Researchers from the University of Missouri, United States found that the social interactions of children with autism can improve when surrounded by pets.

In the study, almost half of the total families studied had pets, such as rabbits.

The children’s parents also reported strong bonds formed between children and their pets.

A researcher from the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, Gretchen Carlisle, said that children with autism can be more confident when with pets.

“This sort of interactive ability is normally challenging for kids with a chemical imbalance. However, this study shows that children’s self-confidence will be greater when living with pets,” said Gretchen.

5. Maintain Eye Health

When the rabbit moves, our eyes will be trained to follow the movement.

Eye movement to the right, left, up, and down is certainly very good for health.

This movement is also one of the therapies for people with neurological diseases, lo.

6. Develop Motor

Launching from, it is explained that when feeding rabbits, there are benefits in the form of developing motor skills.

This happens because, in the process of feeding rabbits, the fingers will be trained so that they do not become stiff.

7. Rabbits Urine Can Be Fertilizer for Plants

In addition to being a pet, rabbits are very useful for plant survival, you know.

The benefits are rabbit droppings and urine which can be used as organic liquid fertilizer for all types of plants.