Not only for cooking, but it also turns out that olive oil has many beauty benefits, you know, Jovians! The oil which is extracted from olives is known to have been used for thousands of years by the Mediterranean civilization.

Rich in anti-aging antioxidants and squalene, olive oil can hydrate the skin and protect skin cells from damage. With these ingredients, olive oil is an excellent natural ingredient for hair, skin, and nails.

The following are a series of benefits of olive oil for beauty that Jovee has compiled especially for you. Come on, see more!

1. Helps lift dirt on the face

Like oil-based facial cleansers, olive oil can also be used as a make-up cleanser, you know, Jovians. Olive oil can break down the water-resistant substances in make-up products so that make-up is easier to clean.

However, you still need to do double cleansing after using olive oil. How to use olive oil as a make-up remover is very easy, just apply it on the face and rub it until the make-up melts by itself. After that, wash your face with a facial wash until the oil and remaining dirt are completely removed.

2. Moisturizes & protects sensitive skin

Olive oil contains vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and fat-soluble vitamin K. As you know, a number of these vitamins are very beneficial for the skin.

Thanks to this content, olive oil can moisturize and protect the skin from dryness, even on dry and sensitive skin. Olive oil is also believed to help relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

You can use olive oil as a moisturizer at night, by applying three drops of the oil to your face. However, this method is not recommended for those of you who have oily skin.

3. Improve skin texture

The next benefit of olive oil for beauty is to improve skin texture. Vitamin D in olive oil is one of the vitamins that have a vital role in skin protection. Calcitriol (the active form of vitamin D) helps skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism and prevents skin aging.

The regenerative and healing properties of the vitamin content in olive oil make it able to repair damaged skin tissue on the face so that the skin texture also improves.

4. Skin tightening

Containing polyphenols which are one of the best antioxidants, olive oil is also beneficial for skin tightening and anti-aging. Antioxidants play a role in protecting body cells from free radical damage, which plays a major role in skin aging.

Not only that, but olive oil is also high in oleic acid, which stimulates skin regeneration so that the skin becomes brighter and more elastic. On the other hand, these ingredients can also reduce the effects of UV rays which are the cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

How to Use Olive Oil for Beauty

In order not to cause new skin problems, be sure to choose quality olive oil without added chemicals. Apply a small amount on the skin, about three to four drops of oil.

Because olive oil can lock in moisture, be sure to use olive oil in the final stages of your skincare series. However, the use of olive oil for this beauty is not for everyone, Jovians.

Of course, there are side effects that can arise from the use of this natural ingredient. If your skin is too oily, it will clog your pores leading to blackheads and pimples.

Therefore, the use of olive oil is not recommended for those of you who have oily skin. Meanwhile, you also need to be wary of using olive oil on sensitive skin. If your skin tends to be sensitive, do an allergy test first before using this oil.

Apply a small amount of olive oil to small areas of the skin, such as the folds of the skin on your arms and hands. If there is no reaction after two days, you can safely use olive oil. However, if you experience redness and itching, then olive oil is not the right product for your skin.

In addition to olive oil, you can also get healthy skin from taking skin supplements. Like olive oil, skin supplements such as Konimex Ever E250 30 Capsules – Skin Vitamins (Rp 64,296) also contain vitamin E which is good for maintaining skin beauty. Also, get other beauty supplements more economical with free shipping only at Jovee.

Those are some of the benefits of olive oil for beauty. Get interesting information about other health only at Jovee. Also, download the app to get your vitamin recommendations.