10 Tips That Will Make You Don’t Have to bother Washing Your Hair Every Day

According to Lynne Goldberg, director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic, shampooing too often can do more harm than good. Constant shampooing causes the sebaceous glands to produce more fat. Your shampoo will be in vain.

We at the Light Side are interested in this issue and have prepared a list of tips that will allow you to wash your hair less often and still look great!

Pay attention to your menu

To make sure your hair stays clean longer, avoid fatty or fried dishes. The same goes for sugar, white bread, and canned food. Replace these products with fruit and vegetables, dairy products, lean meats, and nuts. This will assist with lessening the action of the sebaceous organs.

Use dry shampoo

To cover the oil, divide your hair into sections and apply dry shampoo or dry shampoo to the roots like hairspray, from a distance of 20-25 cm. If your shampoo is in powder form, apply it to the roots. Wait for ten minutes, then comb your hair. Dry shampoo will create a layer around the oily hair strands that will, temporarily, make your hair look clean.

Don’t ignore accessories

If you have bangs, headbands can give you a choice of interesting hairstyles. You just need to wash your bangs, pin them and disguise them in various ways. A scarf will look great with your hair tied or loose. It can also be a lifesaver for short hair. Oily hair can be covered with various hairpins or a headband with flowers.

Pay attention to the water temperature

When shampooing, use warm or lukewarm water. Heated water expands how much fat is discharged by the skin. After shampooing, you should let it dry naturally.

Braid your hair

Braids of any type are excellent at camouflaging oily hair roots. The thicker the braid, the better. We recommend combing your hair back to cover the unwashed sections of hair. Make sure your braid is not neat. A little hair that comes out will help hide the thinness.

Comb hair before going to bed

Comb your hair before going to bed. Once you lay your head on the pillow, pull the hair back so that it is arranged on the top edge of the pillow. If the length allows, tie your hair or make a loose braid.

Change your hairstyle

witch parting from side to side, or replace straight parting with diagonal parting. The reason for doing this is simple: our hair is used to being styled in a certain style, thus making it lose volume at the roots. In addition, the cleavage tends to be the dirtiest part. Changing the parting gives your hair volume, a new look, and a clean look.

Avoid flat hair

Try not to make your hair soft and slick: it will make your hair look more messy and greasy.
The best option is to comb your hair back a little at the roots to make it look more bouncy, then tie your hair up.

Wash your comb

Don’t forget to clean your styling tools regularly so that residue from skin surface grease, conditioner, and styling ingredients doesn’t stick to your hair. Combs should be washed once a week with warm water using shampoo or soap.

The right way to wash

Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel to smooth out frizzy hair.
Do not rub the scalp. Use your fingertips to gently work the shampoo into your hair.
Hair roots should not be given conditioner.
Squeeze the hair before applying the conditioner.

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