If earlier China was associated with frank consumer goods, now the situation has changed dramatically – many Chinese goods are not inferior in quality to their counterparts from developed countries and are much cheaper.

Due to the lack of knowledge and experience, it may seem that starting a business with China is a rather difficult task, but if you understand this issue in detail, then everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance! Many simple schemes allow you to organize your small business with China without significant difficulties. How to do this, I will tell in the article. However, it must be remembered that, as in any business, sales are the foundation without which a business cannot exist, so this issue should be given paramount importance.

Without sales, there is no business! This will also be described in detail in the article. In addition, from the article, you will learn: What are the steps to start a commodity business with China? What goods from China are profitable to serve? How to find suppliers and how to work with them? How can you make money wholesale? Therefore, if you are a beginner and want to start your business selling things from China, this article is definitely for you!  I hope that practical tips and examples will help you build your successful business on Chinese goods.

1. Why is it profitable to do business with China

Business with China is good because, firstly, Chinese goods are very popular (in Russia, about 80% of light industry goods are Chinese goods) and, secondly, markups on them can reach hundreds and even thousands of percent.

So, the advantages of commodity business with China are as follows: Low cost of goods. For example, goods that are sold at retail for 2,000-3,000 rubles in China can cost only 200-400 rubles in bulk in China. The markups on the goods are huge. The widest range of goods. You can choose any business niche, it can be anything, the main thing is that the goods are in demand; Small initial investment. It is desirable at the start, of course, to have free funds from 10 thousand rubles, but if you wish, you can start with much smaller amounts. It is always best to learn from illustrative examples, so I will immediately cite as an example Maxim Kopylov, who started with minimal investment and now earns millions on Chinese goods.

2. Buying goods at local wholesale markets

Even easier – just find the product of interest from local wholesalers. Many of them agree to sell goods in bulk or even give goods for sale, the main thing is to get them interested in this, for example, promise that you will only buy from them in the future and will be their regular customers! Yes, the goods will cost a little more than ordering from China yourself. However, the advantage, in this case, is obvious: you will need a minimum investment and you will immediately receive the goods in your hands, which you can test for demand. Example:

3. We work on a dropshipping system

In addition, the advantage of dropshipping is that prices are as close as possible to wholesale prices, and you can sell from just

1 piece

Under this system, you can also sell anything from clothes and toys to electronics. By the way, you can cooperate on dropshipping both with Russian companies and with Chinese ones. It is most convenient to work with Russian companies according to this scheme since in this case, the end buyer does not need to wait 20-30 days for the delivery of goods from China. In general, there are

2. most common cooperation schemes:

You receive an order from a client, transfer his contacts (address, phone number…) to the supplier for delivery, the client receives the goods and pays for it, the supplier transfers your markup on the goods to you. You ordered the goods, you pay the supplier the cost of the goods for dropshipping + shipping costs, the supplier delivers the goods. In this case, payment from the client can be taken both at the time of placing an order and upon delivery of the goods. To make everything as clear as possible, I will give a clear example.

When you have found a buyer

You tell the supplier the delivery address and pay the wholesale price of the goods, commission (100 rubles) + shipping costs. He, in turn, directly sends the goods to your customer. Upon receipt of the goods, the client pays the courier or the Russian Post (your price + delivery cost), you receive the money. As you can see, the whole scheme of work is extremely simple. The advantages of dropshipping are as follows:

Possibility to choose a wide range of various products for almost every taste of potential buyers; Minimal financial risks, since in fact there is no need to buy goods in bulk in bulk; You do not need to organize a warehouse or a real store, since the goods are with the supplier; You can easily work with one or more suppliers, change them, in search of the best business partner; There is no binding to a specific place.

The main disadvantage of this method lies precisely in the inflated purchase price. Therefore, dropshipping, by and large, are good only at the stage of testing goods and starting a business, when there are no stable sales, you don’t want to take risks and invest a significant amount of money in the purchase of goods. When the business has gained momentum, you should think about buying goods in bulk from Russian or Chinese companies. Also, dropshipping is unprofitable when selling cheap goods (since the supplier usually takes an additional commission of 100-150 rubles + shipping adds about 350 rubles to the cost). Accordingly, for dropshipping, it makes sense to sell goods not lower than 1200-1500 rubles.

3. Turnkey delivery of goods from China through intermediaries

This is another common and uncomplicated way to do business with China. I already mentioned it in one of the examples above. As for intermediaries in China, you can find them, for example, through specialized forums (for example, ), groups on social networks, etc. (We’ll talk more about this a little later).

Among the sites from which you can order goods are Taobao (retail and wholesale), 1688 (small wholesale), and Alibaba (wholesale). It is rather difficult and time-consuming to carry goods from China without intermediaries, especially for novice entrepreneurs who have no experience in this. Therefore, at the start (and not only), it is also easiest to order goods through intermediaries.

You can organize a business on Chinese goods from scratch by buying goods together with other people. The big advantage of joint purchases is a significant reduction in costs and minimal investment, since in this case the goods are bought at wholesale prices, and the cost of delivery is distributed to all participants. At the same time, as in the case of dropshipping, goods can be jointly purchased in bulk from both Russian intermediaries and Chinese companies. Finding organizers of joint purchases is quite simple, for example, you can do this using social networks.

3. Popular goods for business with China

One of the most important questions that newcomers ask when planning to start a business with China is: “ What to sell? “. Such categories of goods as clothes, accessories, shoes, children’s things, toys, perfumes, personal care products, unusual things and gifts, pet products are very popular with buyers. A more detailed list of the most popular Chinese products that you can build your business on is given below!👇

business with china
The great wall of china

4. How to find a trending product and estimate demand”?

Every new business owner wants their product to sell well. For beginners in this business, it is better to select those products that are initially already in great demand among consumers. You can check this with the help of special services on the Internet. Get started by analyzing search queries on the Internet to find out which product categories are in high demand and popularity. Services such as the selection of key queries from Yandex Wordstat, Google AdWords, or the Google Trends service will help you. You can organize monitoring of trading platforms, taking the same Aliexpress as a basis. Just enter a query directly into the search engine of the Chinese site and analyze the demand (number of orders), prices, and offers for the product you have chosen. Avito will also help you assess the demand, just find competitor ads for the right products and view their view statistics:

Remember that the product being sold must be competitive. If everyone is selling, for example, one type of popular gadget, then it may be better to look for something alternative so as not to sag in price and compete directly. Also, keep in mind that selling unknown new products does not always succeed. Yes, sometimes you can work on new products quickly and with minimal investment in advertising. However, before buying more pasta, always try to make and evaluate test sales (even if the product is out of stock). At this stage, it is much more important for you to understand how well (and whether it will be sold at all) the selected product.

5. How to sell products

Marketing and the sale of goods is something without which no business can exist. If you do not have sales experience, and you are still limited in funds, then it is best to start with bulletin boards: Avito, Yula … Avito is today one of the largest trading platforms in Russia and the CIS, which is visited daily by about ten million people. A good help in sales at first, if there is no online store or a one-pager, groups on social networks can also become.

Option 1:

Use free ad platforms (Avito) Avito website is an excellent platform where you can start selling goods from China for free or with very little cost for paid ads. This is the easiest and at the same time the least risky way to sell goods, do not underestimate it.😀 Before purchasing, study the site itself and note which products are most on sale. Be sure to study the price categories and offers from sellers.

However, do not be afraid of competition, if it is good, as this indicates, first of all, that these goods are in demand. 💡 Please note that the goods must be of high quality and competitive in price. If you have several varieties of goods, as in the example above, then indicate the minimum price in your ad. To be successful on Avito, you need to publish as many ads as possible, even if you sell only one type of product. Just choose other pictures, describe the model, its characteristics, etc. differently. In the same way, you can place the same goods in different cities. Additionally, on a paid basis, you can create a store on Avito, as it shows that investments in it pay off quite quickly.

Option 2:

Create a community on social networks that are not only a place to chat or share photos. First of all, now social networks are used not only in Russia but also in the world for the sale of goods or services. In Russia, the briskest sales go through VKontakte, Instagram, and OK.

That is why another effective and easiest way to find customers via the Internet is to create a community on social networks. An example of selling Chinese goods through social networks You can create public on social networks, actively recruit subscribers, post photos and product descriptions. To promote your public, publish advertising posts in communities where your target audience is present. It makes no sense to wind up cheap bots and subscribers through special services. For example, through social networks, you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. There will always be buyers for such goods, especially if they are inexpensive, stylish, and original.

And besides, the profitability of this business is very high; Products for babies and mothers. Clothes for pregnant women, toys, diapers, changing tables, dishes, shoes, etc. are in great demand; A variety of products for car enthusiasts. It can be both car parts and car accessories, tools, covers; Unusual gifts and souvenirs, books that can be a gift for any occasion. Goods for our little brothers. These can be houses, beds, drinking bowls, houses, toys, various devices, feeding systems; It is optimal if you put prices on your products slightly lower than those of your competitors, so you will attract the attention of more buyers. You shouldn’t always dump. When sales have started and conditionally moved off the ground, keep them at the optimal level for you and your customers.

Option 3:

One Page and Ads A one-pager (or as it is also called a landing page) is suitable if you have a single product category or if you plan to create your landing page for each product with a separate advertisement. A one-pager or LandingPage is a web resource that does not have sections. There is a section of the main page, and it displays all the necessary and most selling information about the product. That is, you choose one or two products and promote them through a one-pager. Selling goods from China through one-pagers – an example What is the advantage of this resource for promoting and selling Chinese goods? Relatively inexpensive entry ticket. You can create a one-pager yourself, for example, through the online designers PlatformLP or

You can also inexpensively order turnkey from freelancers for 3-10 thousand rubles; The site is being done very quickly. That is, you can start launching sales in less than a week; What about our downsides? It should be noted that the one-pager is best suited for selling unique products. However, success here depends not only on the right choice of product but also on effective advertising. SEO promotion of a one-pager is not very effective, unlike the SEO promotion of ordinary online stores, so landing pages are promoted using advertising through the same Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, and various teaser networks. It’s better to figure out how to set up advertising yourself, but if you don’t want to spend your time on it, then you can find an inexpensively good specialist on the same Avito.

Option 4:

Your online store If you already feel confident in sales, then you should make your business more successful by opening your online store. The site can be created independently, the benefit of free designers (such as is complete, or you can order it from an SEO studio or a single web programmer. Website promotion plays a very important role in finding customers. Unrolling can be done as follows: SEO optimization of a web resource for certain search queries.

Each page of the online store is optimized for specific key user queries, respectively, over time, users begin to come from search engines. This is usually the main and relatively free source of sales. Organization of contextual advertising. As in the case of one-pagers, advertising for goods through Direct and Adwords is configured here. Allows you to quickly attract traffic to the site. Social media. Setting up targeted advertising in social networks and/or buying advertising posts in thematic communities; Also, another option for promoting a web resource can be teaser or banner advertising on third-party sites.

Option 5:

Placing goods on third-party sites As for the sale of goods in a turn more inert, it is worth adding that there are special platforms through which you can place and sell your goods. These sites primarily include such as,,,,

Option 6:

Offline store You can open a regular store and sell goods in it. This will be a real trading place where the buyer can come, touch, try on or look at the product before buying it. To open an offline store you will need: Choose a trading platform.

As an option, it is renting a store or point in a shopping center; Register yourself as an individual entrepreneur with the tax service with further obtaining the status of a legal entity; If the premises are yours, then you must go through all the licensing procedures, such as obtaining permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire service; Identify the required assortment and search for goods on the Chinese site; Buy or rent a warehouse for storing things; Fill the store with goods and constantly replenish the assortment of your outlet. Such a business, of course, is risky and quite expensive, but an offline store can pay off within a couple of months to six months and bring good profits.

6. The most common mistakes when working with China

let’s talk about the most common mistakes that can occur when working with Chinese suppliers.


The first point is agreements with the seller. You can discuss the price, quantity of goods, delivery terms … but not the fact that at the end you will get what you agreed on. For example, some Chinese people do not see the difference between white and beige colors at all, they can easily send you a product in the wrong color and not feel guilty about it. Therefore, always try to check the product for discrepancy and marriage, and for this, use the services of intermediaries.


We are moving on to the second error, which is paying in full for consignments. If possible, we do not recommend immediately transferring the entire amount for the goods. Try to play it safe: agree on an advance payment or installment plan for the goods. Especially if you have not worked with the seller before.


Enter money in US dollars so that you do not lose money in the future and do not overpay for the conversion, losing in the exchange rate. Also, be sure to plan your purchases. Compare the range of goods and prices for them from different suppliers.


Don’t be fooled by too low prices for shipping goods from China. Delivery simply cannot be abnormally cheap. Look for the golden mean and check the completeness of the goods.


Take your time and always choose all products wisely, taking into account their relevance and usefulness to a potential buyer. Try not to buy more goods than you expect to sell. Even if you are confident in the commercial success of your event.

7. Conclusion

I hope that this article was useful for you. And you learned a lot of valuable information that will help you in developing your own business. Chinese marketplaces are just a storehouse of millions of various goods. Do not be afraid to start your own business, because now there are all opportunities for this. Even with minimal investment, you can successfully sell Chinese goods with a margin of more than 100%. There will be buyers for them. Don’t just aim to make money, try to focus on the interests of customers first. The more satisfied they are, the more successful your business will be. Good luck and good luck in developing business with China! 😀