Who is your favorite article writer? Do you envy how a writer produces the great blogs and articles you see on the internet? and do you want to know more about how to make interesting articles for visitors to read? structure the article writing following the general and advanced rules. However, the style of articles varies in creative ways to reach the target audience or readers.

This how-to write an engaging article writing guide gives you a step-by-step plan to help you write your article content. to be able to compete with competitors.

Bloggers, freelance writers, copywriters, and other content creators are often faced with a pretty formidable task: producing compelling articles under tight deadlines. That’s why it’s important to develop writing skills that can help you create great content in no time.

Want to learn how to make articles that are interesting to read? Create a title that grabs the attention of the audience? attracts readers and maintains their focus? The following post is an example of making an article for you beginners.

Then how are examples of interesting articles to read?

The following is a Writing Guide as well as an example of an interesting article to read in 7 Simple Steps for those of you beginners who want to build quality content

1. Choose the Main Topic of the Article and Create an Interesting Article Title

The first step on how to create an interesting article to read is to choose the right topic. see how to Create a Goldey Keyword in the example of my previous article, Bring up certain topics to avoid scattered content. List the goals your content should have. Determine the scope and boundaries of your article. It will be easier to write articles that have a target topic to deal with.

Then coming up with a catchy article title is the first thing your readers will see, and this is the first chance you have to convince them to keep reading your article. You don’t need to use a clickbait-style title to keep the reader interested.

There are many different strategies for creating compelling articles and formulating strong titles. Here are some article suggestions to help you formulate interesting ones:

Examples of quality articles will provide solutions for readers. What problem will you solve for the reader? Attract them with the promise of answers. For example, start with phrases like “how to” and “tips for.”
Short And Clear. Blog posts with 6 to 13-word titles get the most traffic, so make sure your titles are not too wordy. sample such as posting an example of making an article this time that only has 10 words in the title.
Ask a question. Write the title of your article in the form of a question that you know the answer to is “yes.”

2. Target Your Audience And Create Strong Article Writing

Once you have completed your main topic, you need to know your target audience. Ask yourself, what do you want your readers to learn from your articles? What information do they need to know in your article? And define your writing approach.

You only have, at most, a few sentences to grab the reader. Let your readers know that this will be a worthy article for them and take the time to read it. The first sentence is the most important of the entire article and should be made with care. You want to engage your readers and not let them go from that point forward. Here are some tips:

Ask a question. What is the driving question behind your article? Start there and make your readers want to keep waiting for the answer. You can see examples of this article in several categories of SEO Articles that we have published
Presents surprising facts. so readers know that they will learn something new in this article.
Start by making controversial and attention-grabbing statements to share on social media
How to make articles that are interesting to read is not only limited to having a large number of words, for example (2000 words) sometimes with interesting titles and topics will result in a large number of clicks.

3. Gather information and Write Briefly.

After choosing the main topic of the article and the target audience, do research on the article you are going to make, there is the best way to find keywords with the Golden Keyword formula so that your writing can compete with other blogs, Find articles with the same taste of ideas and content flow. You should make your backups once you start writing articles.

Take an idea and support your claim. If you are writing an opinion, you must claim facts from the research and the author as your basis. adding keywords to highlight your articles eases the writing flow. And you must not forget to put your resources to strengthen the content.

Then Keeping your sentences and paragraphs short is one way to make articles that are interesting to read. Long, dense paragraphs can be intimidating.

You don’t want your readers to open links, look at blocks of text and think. “I don’t have time to read this.” Shorter sentences attract readers and encourage a fast reading speed. Here are some suggestions on how to trim your sentences:

An example of a strong article is to avoid redundant words. You are a writer. You love to write. But don’t get too caught up in making flowery and verbose prose. Make sure your writing doesn’t get in the way of the information you convey. unless you write a tutorial that does require a lot of words.
Check your adverb. Assuming you observe qualifiers combined with more fragile words, utilize a more grounded word to convey a similar significance. Is it something “very important” or “critical”? Cutting adverbs not only save a few words but also makes your writing stronger.
Pay attention to redundancy. Adverbs are also often wrong here. Something is simply “harmless,” not “totally harmless.” There are “empty”, not “completely empty”. Just a sample, bro.
examples of interesting articles to read
examples of interesting articles to read

4. Outline the Article Topic, Edit Your Article. And Then Edit Again.

As you assemble information and thoughts from your examination, make an unfinished copy. Topic outlines are an effective way to get your ideas flowing so that your visitors will have an interesting blog to read. Record drafts and make section breaks. Record each thought that rings a bell.
The way to make an article interesting to read is to pay less attention to your grammar, punctuation, and analytical factors in this step. Let your mind and hands work. Inject ideas to shape your article. Use bullets and keywords to reinforce the work of your article.

In other words, don’t be afraid to edit. It’s common to feel that every word you write is very important, and you may not be willing to cut your writing and change it back. Notwithstanding, altering is comparably significant while possibly not a higher priority than the genuine composition.

Some examples of articles that have been published on our site have also undergone many editing processes, to provide additional information or enriching content for readers, although it does require certain tricks so that after the editing process does not experience a decline in the Google SERP

When you have finished your first draft, review it with a critical eye, removing anything unnecessary or repetitive. If a sentence doesn’t work to strengthen your argument, reread it to make sure that each sentence fits naturally into the next.

How to make an interesting article, of course, follows the use of correct grammar and punctuation. Scan for misspelled words and track the flow of your article. Ideas must come from your mind to keep your readers away. Find the right word usage and align it with your target audience.

5. Pay attention to the visuals in the article content

The quality of your writing is important, but the truth is also visible. Learning a few tricks will allow you to use visuals in content to your site’s advantage. Examples of quality articles will pay attention to visuals in the form of images that are relevant to the topic

The way to create engaging articles is to pay attention to Variations in sentence length, paragraph length, text size, and text type breaking up the visual landscape in interesting ways. These variations also serve to guide readers to the most important parts of your article.

Images can also serve to break up the text and are another way to keep the reader’s interest. A catchy title attracts clicks, but a catchy image is enough to entice the reader to continue reading. Remember, it’s important to consider which images are best suited for your article and how to access them.

Examples of strong articles have short and visually appealing paragraphs.
Use bullets to break up blocks of text. Since 43% of readers skim blog articles, it’s important to highlight your main points.
Bold is another way to break up your text, directing the skimmer’s eye to the ideas you want to showcase.
Using images to break up text and attract readers is a strategy for creating powerful article examples.

6. Correct your content and use the appropriate article format.

As every guide on how to write great articles says, you should check your articles often. Don’t just trust your editing skills. Editing characterizes what your article sounds and how it means for your perusers. Seize the opportunity to find mistakes again and aim for the precise reading flow.

Examples of interesting articles to read Not everything has to be created equal. It’s important to know the different types and consider which format will work best for what you’re writing. Would your topic work best as a numbered listicle? Recall that titles with numbers make the most snaps.
Formatting your article as a leader is also a good way to generate clicks. Consider your topic and what works best in terms of idea presentation.

7. Add visuals, infographics, images, and Use keywords appropriately.

The final step of our how-to article guide is to add infographics, visuals, and any images in your article. This gives your readers a break. For today’s fast-paced industry, audiences are more engaged with visual material which helps them digest what they’re reading. Add visuals that are relevant to your content to ensure reading engagement.

Catchphrases are a significant piece of site improvement ( SEO ). Nonetheless, remember that Google punishes destinations for watchword stuffing. We still aim for quality content and the use of the right keywords. Remember the principle catchphrase for the title of your blog entry. Secondary keywords should appear in the subtitle and body text.


There are two additional tips on how to write great articles that will drastically affect the way you write articles: practice and read. The more you work on composition, the better you will get. Practice actively applying these tips in your writing.

Then, when you read various articles, attract with them as a writer. Are you interested in the opening? Is the layout visually appealing? Thinking critically as you read is another way to improve yourself as a writer.

How to make interesting articles to read not only for the benefit of visitors but part of your mission in increasing your Website Rating on Google SERP. Some examples of interesting articles to read you can see on my blog page, which might be used as a reference in creating articles for your site.