How to make articles become an important part of creating interesting content today. Not only filling the print media column, but online business activists must also practice how to make articles so that social media and website content are more interesting. Even for business people, the existence of articles can support traffic visits or increase sales.
Well, you should also know how to make the following interesting and easy-to-read articles.

How to Make Interesting Articles
Creating interesting articles does require more knowledge. But don’t worry, you can use the following methods:

1. Choose the latest suitable topic

If you want to write an article on the website, make sure to choose a topic that matches the type of writing on the website. For example, if you choose a tourist topic, you can choose the latest news such as tourist areas that currently hit in 2019 and the like. Map out the reader’s needs so you can write related article topics.
There’s nothing wrong with making a few keywords related to the theme of your writing later as an initial picture. The way to make a good article is to have information or the answer to the %W+1H formula.

2. Doing research first

Articles are non-fiction essays based on events or events that are currently happening. It is different from fiction in the form of short stories or prose, so you have to do some research first.
How to make a good article can be based on statistical data, quotes from famous authors, popular books, television media, and others. Also, make sure you provide information on references or sources that are included in the article reference section.

3. Create an interesting title and specify subtitles or bullet points

Readers will be immediately captivated by continuing the process of reading your work until it’s finished when they read the title. Therefore, how to make articles that are no less important is to determine the right and short title for your article. Clickbait titles but do not provide enough information will certainly make your article less than perfect.
A catchy and descriptive title can make the reader believe that your article is the reading material he needs. So, how to make an article that is no less important is to determine the appropriate title.
When choosing a topic of discussion that you will write about, surely you have more specific thoughts. Themes or topics help you practice how to write articles that cover a particular focus. To make your article structure more relevant, make subtitles, and important points that you will discuss later. The outline of the essay will help overcome the problem of writer’s block for beginners.

4. Draft the article

The way to make the next article is to compile a draft of the script from the subtitles and important points that you have determined. Avoid drafting articles that contain too long or wordy opening paragraphs. People will get bored when they read introductions that are too long and don’t get to the heart of the matter.
Make a goal and content so that your writing is more alive or does not contain a lot of unnecessary information! How to make a good article, it is mandatory to use effective sentences so that the contents of your article are easier to understand.

5. Do revision and deposition

Try to re-read the articles that have been made so that you can find information that has been entered correctly or paragraphs that don’t need to be embedded. This evaluation material can be your benchmark for revising. Revision related to editing information is more dense and interesting. The way to make articles that are interesting and easy to read is to shorten the paragraphs in the article to be more communicative.

The way to make a good article is to revise it several times. At least you can re-check the problems of writing, punctuation, logic, and others. If something isn’t quite right, you can fix it right away. You may have tried to practice writing articles well, but you still need deposition.

The mistake of novice writers is to feel that their writing is the best work in the world. With a level of egoism and self-confidence, he rushes to send articles or upload them on the website. If you make a typo like a simple typo, you need some time to fix it, right?

In order not to get entangled in the events above, it’s a good idea to precipitate the writing first. Leave your writing in your computer file for some time and do something else first. You will find the weak points of your writing after reading it another time you know! The way to make a classy article is to deposit your writing so you can check the advantages and disadvantages of the article a few days later. Stories that can provide information and broad knowledge to others are the goal of your writing, right?

The 5 ways to make articles above can be reference material for those of you who want to become a beginner article writer. Writing interesting and easy-to-read articles is not an easy matter, but you can become a good writer. Diligent writing practice is one of the keys so that you can write an interesting and informative article.