How to Create a PowerPoint Assignment on an Android Phone

PowerPoint or Ms PowerPoint is a program or software from Microsoft that is useful for creating slide-based presentations. This software comes together with other office data processing software in one Microsoft Office package. Some of this other software, such as Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access, OneNote, Outlook and so on.

Did you know, now this Microsoft Office program can already be accessed via Android smartphone devices, including PowerPoint. You can more easily make presentations through Ms PowerPoint provided on android. For those of you who don’t know, here’s how to create a PowerPoint task on an Android phone that you can easily see and apply.

How to Create a PowerPoint Assignment on an Android Phone

How to Create a PowerPoint Assignment on an Android Phone
Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for creating simple or complex presentations in the form of a slider. It is equipped with many advanced features that will make the presentation attractive. Not only is it often used for office activities, but PowerPoint is also often used in the education system by teachers and students.

As students or office workers, we often get assignments to make presentations using this PowerPoint. In an emergency, you might not be in front of a PC or laptop right now, but you have to make a PowerPoint assignment right away. Don’t worry, PowerPoint is already supported on mobile devices, especially Android smartphones.
As for how to load PowerPoint tasks on an Android cellphone that is easy and practical in full, as follows:

The first step is to open the Google Playstore on your Android phone.

Make sure the cellphone is connected to the internet.
On the main page of Google Playstore, you click on the Search field. Then type the keyword “PowerPoinnt”. In the search results, you click on the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Then click the Install button to start installing it.
If you have, now you click the Open button, then Microsoft Office will run immediately.
On the start page of the PowerPoint application, you will be asked to Sign in to your Microsoft account. Or register an account if you still don’t have an account. To log in and register for this account yourself, you can use your e-mail, phone number or name.
If you don’t want to log in, then you click the Sign In Later button at the bottom of the screen.
Later you will be offered to subscribe to the premium Microsoft Office plan and start a trial period of 30 days. If you don’t want to subscribe to the premium version, you just click SKIP FIRST.
A notification about user privacy will be displayed, continue by clicking Next.
Then click Don’t Send Optional Data or Receive and Send Optional Data. Choose one of them as you wish. And on the next page click the Close button.

Now you can go to the main page of Microsoft PowerPoint.

To start creating presentation assignments, you click the Add (+) menu in the upper right corner of the display.
Then select the PowerPoint template you want to use. Or you can also select Blank Presentation.
Give PowerPoint storage access permission by clicking Open Settings in the pop-up notification that appears. Then Enable the access permission by sliding the slider button in the Allow Access to All Files section.
Now you can start creating presentation titles and start creating content.

That was the easy and practical way to make PowerPoint assignments on Android phones that you can try to apply. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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