How to Create a Blog on an Android Phone

On the internet, there are currently hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of sites. These sites also have a variety of themes.

  • Technology
  • Games
  • Information

And much more
Well, you can also create an internet site for free, you know.

To create a personal website, there are two ways.

First, you have to pay in advance to buy a server and domain (site address)
Second, you can create a blog alias personal website.
Blogs themselves have been popular for a long time. Even before 2010, many blogs were scattered on the internet and continue to grow until now.
The Place To Create a Free Blog
Well, to create a personal blog and of course it’s free, you can use is a website publishing service created by Pyra Labs and has now been acquired by Google.

The characteristics of a site created from, at the end of the site address will be marked with (this is called a subdomain).
Besides blogger, you can also use But the setting procedure will be different.

Well, specifically here I use

How to Create a Free Blog on an Android Phone

Step 1: Please download Google Chrome Android first on the Playstore.

Step 2: Open the app.

Open Google Chrome App

Step 3: Then go to

Stage 4: Then you will see a screen like the accompanying.

Click the Create Blog menu

Step 5: Please click Create Your Blog.

Step 6: Enter your email and password.

Create a blog on HP

Step 7: After successful login, fill in your name and click Create New Blog.

Step 8: Enter the title of the blog you want to create.

Enter Title Name

Step 9: Enter the address of the blog you want to create.

Enter Site URL


Give the blog address with a name that is easy to remember. Don’t be too long, don’t give a number, don’t give a dash (-)
for example
Step 10: Finally, click create a blog and wait for loading to finish.

Done, if there is a Google Domains notification, click next time or just click the cross.

Well, here the blog can be used. But before starting blogging activities, as usual, you should set a blog description first.

How to set a blog description:

  • On the left menu, click settings
  • Click edit on the description
  • Enter a short description on the blog, maximum 500 characters.
  • Set Site Description


Enter a description containing the words with the theme you created.
For example, the best technology blogs that discuss computers and cellphones
Explanation of Menus on Blogger
If you are still a beginner and still confused with the menus. Here I will briefly explain the basics.

Here’s the understanding:

Menu on Blog

Posts This post displays a list of articles (writings) created. Whether it’s articles that have been published or those that have not been published.
Statistics These statistics must be understood in the overview category. This overview shows the visitor’s pageview data.
Comment Through comments, you can see the comments of blog visitors. Whether it’s already published or still in moderation.
Page To create a custom page on your blog. This page is different from the post, so if you don’t understand, just skip it.
Layout This layout function is to arrange widgets on the blog.
Theme You can set or change the appearance on the blog. There are 2 types of themes, namely default bloggers and themes made by third parties.
Settings You can manage the basics of the blog that has been created.
How to Write on a Blog
If a Youtuber’s job is to create, edit and upload videos, the main job of a blogger is to write.

Here’s how to write on a blog:

  • Click post category
  • Click New entry
  • Then you will get a display like the following
  • Blog Post View

A brief description:

  • Title Enter the title of the article you want to make
  • tT Logo logo To change the font size (letters)
  • Image logo To insert an image into the writing that is being created
  • Link To enter a link
  • B / I / U To make bold, italic, underline text
  • Logo A To change the text color
  • Video Logo To insert Videos into articles
  • Quote To create bracketed posts

Explanation of the menu on the right:

Label This is to give a category to the writing that is being made.
timetable Because it is rarely used, so skip it.
Permalink To set the address of the article, can be left.
Option To set comments.
Finally, if the article is already filled out, click publish. Then automatically the articles that you make are published and ready to be read by millions of internet users.

Creating a blog is very easy. At the stage of creating a blog, it doesn’t take 5 minutes, as long as you already have a Gmail account.

The steps themselves are not binding. For example, you can use another browser such as UCBrowser or other browsers.

Apart from using the browser, you can also use the blogger application on the Playstore.

Hope it is useful.

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