5 Ways to Overcome a Slow Website to Make It Fast

How to deal with a slow website so that it’s fast is important you know if it happens later, you can handle it. There are several reasons why this can happen, for example, due to network problems, interference, too large a capacity, and many others.

Tips for Overcoming Slow Websites to Make it Fast

Of course, this can happen at any time, for that you need to know how to deal with it. Before this happens, you should check the loading speed of your website by using a certain formula. Here is the reason related to the steps:

1. Reduce Image Size

When the uploaded image is too large, it may cause it to be slower during the loading process. Of course, this can be annoying, especially for people who visit the website. The recommended capacity is approximately 300 x 1162.

Before uploading it, you should first check what the size is, if it is right then you can carry out the next process. You can reduce the size by using editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, it is not recommended through HP because it is feared that it will not be optimal.

2. Enable Gzip Compression

This feature is one way to reduce loading times on your website. Previously you had to do a plugin, but if you don’t want to then the best way is to go to cPanel and add the .htaccess line of code. then do the process according to the instructions from the system.

The easiest way is to apply a WordPress plugin, its name is Check and Enable GZIP Compression. This platform functions to compress the document file size so that the loading process will not be too slow and users can get information quickly.

3. Use Fast Hosting

The way to deal with a slow website so that it is fast next is to use good quality hosting. When looking for these service providers, you should choose one that is trusted so that there are no mistakes, even though the price is a little more expensive.

When looking for hosting, it’s a good idea to first compare some of the recommendations. One feature you can use is that mostly shorter addresses for naming are most likely good. Previously you need to know that the price is also expensive.

4. Website Database Optimization

This database will usually be saved automatically by Google’s system or on certain tools that you use. When there is a long loading time, you should do optimization, the way is simply by applying the WP-Optimize plugin. Then the speed will increase and be more comfortable to use.

The plugin can also be used for several things, such as images, blocking spam comments, translating, post revisions, draft posts, and many others. Currently, you can access convenience to support more effective performance.

5. Image Weight Optimization

When uploading images, you should choose a capacity of about 1 MB and try not to exceed that. The goal is to avoid long loading, so visitors can get a lot and increase your ranking on SEO. This will certainly be very profitable.

When you’ve already uploaded on the hosting server, you don’t need to worry, because there are special features to compress the size of the file, for example, EWWW Image Optimizer, Imagery. Furthermore, the website will be able to load faster and with no more errors.

Those are some of the causes and ways to overcome a slow website so that it can be fast that you can apply. Previously it was necessary to find the cause first so that later the handling was more appropriate and the use of supporting tools was also not wrong. Hope it is useful.

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