4 Ways to Check Android Phone Touchscreen Accurately

Talking about the touchscreen, if you get errors such as the screen cannot be touched partially or the cellphone screen moves on its own, then there is a possibility that your cellphone screen is damaged.

Well, to make sure the condition, of course, we need to check it, whether the screen is damaged or vice versa.

How to Check Android Touchscreen Condition

To check the touchscreen on an Android cellphone, as far as I know, many ways can be done.

But for me, there are at least three ways that can be used:

  • Using secret code
  • By using the check app
  • Using drawing apps

Well, here I want to discuss the three ways, especially for those of you who may be in need.

This check will also be useful if in the future you are going to buy a used cellphone, or want to sell the cellphone you have. To make sure the HP is still normal.

Immediately, here is a discussion on how to check:

1. How to Check Android Phone Touchscreen with Secret Code

Example of a Touchscreen LCD Check

On Android phones, there are several secret codes that you can use. Examples include checking IMEI, viewing HP type information, and resetting HP.

Among these codes, there is one code that functions to check the HP function. For example:

  • Like to check the vibrate function
  • Voice call
  • Touchscreen
  • And others

Here’s how to check the HP touchscreen via a secret code :

Open your cellphone, then open the Dial Pad application.
Next, dial *#0*#* or #*#0*#*#*.
If so, the Touchscreen Test window will appear.
Please check the touchscreen there until it’s finished, to find out whether the screen is still normal or not.
For this secret code itself, some work and some don’t on some Android phones. It depends on the system.

Please just try it first. If it doesn’t work, then try another method.

2. How to Check HP Touchscreen with Additional Applications

In the Playstore now there are quite a lot of applications to check the touchscreen that you can use.

These applications are free, and with this, we can see the HP touchscreen is still normal or not.

  • The method is as follows:
  • First, please install the touchscreen checking application that you like.
  • Examples of HP Touchscreen Check Applications
  • Wait for the installation process for a while, then open the installed application
  • Next, just check the touchscreen through the application
  • Example of HP Touchscreen Check
  • How to use it is more or less the same as using a secret code. You just need to press all over the screen.

The green part indicates that the touchscreen is still normal. Meanwhile, if there is a white part when pressed, it’s a sign that your cellphone’s touchscreen may be damaged.

3. Checking the Touchscreen with the Image Application

Many people don’t know that an application for drawing (on Android phones) can also be used to check the condition of the touchscreen. Curious? Here’s how:

Please install the image application you like on Playstore

  • Image App on Play Store
  • If so, open the app
  • Please swipe your finger all over the screen
  • Examples of Touchscreen Checks in the Image Application
  • Check the condition of the touchscreen whether it responds or not
  • Normal Screen Condition Broken Screen Condition
  • The screen responds to all There are parts of the screen that don’t respond

The reason we can use the image application is that the way the application works is similar to when we want to check the touchscreen, namely by touching the screen, then swiping to create an image.


It is recommended to look for applications that support the full-screen feature when creating images. This is so that the inspection can be carried out thoroughly.

4. Physical Check Screen

Physical Check Android Screen
The three methods above only apply to check in terms of software.

Well, apart from software, you also have to check it in terms of hardware, aka physically on the screen directly. For example:

  • Check the condition of the screen, is there a line on the LCD
  • Also, check the physical part, there may be cracks on the screen
  • Or know what the touchscreen response looks like
  • Problems like this must be checked.

Not without reason, although sometimes it doesn’t seem to have an effect, within a certain period, it is feared that this will cause the screen to experience other errors.

Examples such as the screen becoming grey, to experience a white or black blank (black screen).

Note :

This is more specifically for those of you who want to buy a used cellphone. But, for those who want to sell HP, I think you already know how the condition of your cellphone is.

The final word

Thus a little information about how to check the HP touchscreen. How? I think it’s pretty easy, huh?

This method can be considered universal. That is, universal in the sense that it can be used for types of cellphones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Vivo, Sony, Advan, including ASUS and Xiaomi touchscreens.

This touchscreen check is just one of several ways to check for damage to an Android cellphone.

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