Signs of a Gadget Addiction in Children and Effective Ways to Overcome Them

Nowadays, the use of smartphones seems to have become a basic need for almost everyone. Devices or gadgets are also often used as a parent’s ultimate weapon so that the little one does not fuss. However, do not go too far because this condition can make children addicted to gadgets. Gadget addiction in children can […]

4 Secrets of Olive Oil for Beauty

Not only for cooking, but it also turns out that olive oil has many beauty benefits, you know, Jovians! The oil which is extracted from olives is known to have been used for thousands of years by the Mediterranean civilization. Rich in anti-aging antioxidants and squalene, olive oil can hydrate the skin and protect skin […]

Methods for Maintaining Mental Health during a Pandemic

The pandemic has brought us to a very uncertain situation. Situations full of uncertainty due to the current pandemic often disturb people’s mental health. Just imagine, for the past 2 years, we have had to adapt to a new way of life by implementing health protocols and limiting ourselves from unnecessary social activities with one […]